Tuya indoor wooden door single tongue double tongue password lock

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  • Color:E202 TUYA
  • Lock Type:Keypad Lock
  • Control Method:Remote

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About This Item

[6 ways to unlock] E202 Tuya supports six unlocking methods using fingerprint,WiFi,Bluetooth,APP,Uesr passworh,magnetic card and key. Security and privacy protection-virtual passwords, doorbell alarm systems, door opening records and other door locks can all be viewed through the app.

[Business Management System] Supports remote control, user management, password management, fingerprint management, information management, card management, setting and deleting individual users, hijacking settings, volume settings, etc. You can apply for an apartment management account for free.

[Low battery prompt] When the battery is low, the door lock will send out an alarm and the APP will remind the administrator that the battery is low. If you are outside at home, you can use a power bank to temporarily charge to open the door.

[Material and installation tips] E202Tuya can freely change the direction of the handle, 500,000 durability tests. It is suitable for 60mm and 38-100mm door thickness on the back, which is better than American non-standard door series, wood, uPVC, composite door materials and so on. Before buying this mortise lock, please measure whether your lock size fits your door.

[30 days free return and 1 year warranty] PINEWORLD is an international brand dedicated to providing high-performance, high-quality fingerprint smart lock products to users all over the world. We can provide consumers with 30 days free return and exchange, one year warranty service.

Product Description

The company focus on multi-mode biometrics technology research for 20 years, committed to creating a safe and quality smart home ecosystem.

The fingerprint sensor will wake automatically once you place your finger on it and is conveniently positioned to accompany your natural hand position. One seamless action allows you to wake the sensor, read your fingerprint, and unlock your door.

PINEWORLD E202Tuya Open your door through fingerprint identity, key fob, passcode, Mechanical key or smartphone APP Remotely. Versatile, affordable & user-friendly smart home security allows multiple ways to access and the flexibility to grant access remotely to completely control who comes and goes in your home.

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