How to keep the electronic lock clean.

1. Keep the appearance clean: try not to let the appearance of the lock be stained with stains and water stains, especially do not let corrosive substances contact the lock, and avoid damaging the coating on the surface of the lock.

2. Clean up the dust and dirt in time: in addition to cleaning up the stains on the lock surface, the dust and dirt on the fingerprint acquisition window of the fingerprint lock also need to be cleaned up in time to avoid affecting the sensitivity of fingerprint entry.

3. Don’t hang things on the handle: the handle of the lock is the longest used part when the lock is used at ordinary times. If there are heavy objects hanging on it, it is easy to damage the balance of the handle, thus affecting the use of the door lock.

4. Even if the battery is replaced: the electronic lock needs a battery, and the battery has a certain service life. When the battery is low, the lock may not work normally. Therefore, the battery should be checked regularly at ordinary times. If the battery is found to be low, it should be replaced in time.

5. Regularly lubricate the lock cylinder: the lock cylinder is still the core of the electronic lock, and the flexibility of the lock cylinder may not be as good as before after it has been used for a period of time. Therefore, some special lubricating oil should be added to the lock cylinder at regular intervals, but the lock cylinder can maintain a high degree of flexibility.

The above is how to maintain the electronic lock. I hope it will help you.

Post time: Jun-15-2022