Daily maintenance of smart lock

Nowadays, fingerprint locks are becoming more and more popular. From high-end hotels and villas to ordinary communities, fingerprint locks have been installed. As a high-tech product, fingerprint lock is different from traditional locks. It is a product integrating light, electricity, machinery and calculation. Smart lock is not only used to open the door, but also the first line of defense for home safety and the primary guarantee of family safety. In order to enhance the anti-theft function of family anti-theft door lock, smart lock should not only be bought, but also daily maintenance is very important. So, what should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of smart locks?

1. Do not wipe the lock with water and irritant liquid. There is a big taboo for any electronic product, that is, if water enters, it may be scrapped. Intelligent locks are no exception. There will be electronic components or circuit boards in electronic products. These components need to be water-proof. These liquids should be avoided. Contact with these liquids will change the gloss of the shell panel of the smart lock, so try not to use these irritating liquids for wiping. For example, soapy water, detergent and other cleaning products can not effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the smart lock, nor can they remove the silica sand particles before polishing. Moreover, because they are corrosive, they will damage the surface of the smart lock and darken the paint of the smart fingerprint lock. At the same time, if water penetrates into the lock body, it will also lead to short circuit or stop operation of the lock, reducing its service life.

2. Don’t replace the battery of the smart fingerprint lock at high frequency. The instructions of many smart fingerprint password locks say that the battery can be replaced to prevent the lock from running out of power, resulting in many people making mistakes. The salesperson of the smart fingerprint lock factory knows that the smart fingerprint password lock can be replaced only when the power is particularly low, causing the volume prompt of the smart fingerprint password lock to be out of power, rather than replacing the battery at will. This is because the lock is the same as the mobile phone. The function of battery must meet the power supply demand of the lock. If it is replaced all the time, the power consumption will become faster than the original and shorten its service life. In addition, in order to keep the smart fingerprint lock fully charged, some people replace the smart fingerprint password lock battery every three or five times, or use it improperly, which will make the smart lock less durable. Any item needs maintenance, especially the smart lock as an intelligent electronic product. Smart locks are frequently used in daily life, which requires us to pay more attention to daily maintenance. After all, it is related to the safety of life and property of the whole family. Now you should know something about the daily maintenance of smart locks. In fact, as long as you don’t do artificial damage in your daily life and use and care carefully, the service life of smart locks is very long.

Post time: Feb-23-2022