Smart door lock enters the era of 3.0, cat’s eye function becomes a key tool for customers

Smart door lock is not a new thing for many consumers. As the entrance of smart home, smart door lock is the most easily accepted by consumers. According to the data of the national lock information center, in 2018 alone, the production and sales volume of the whole industry of intelligent door locks has exceeded 15 million sets, with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan. If it develops at the current speed of more than 50%, the total output value of the industry is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan in 2019.

The huge market has also attracted large and small enterprises to participate. Traditional door lock enterprises, home appliances enterprises, security enterprises, even Internet companies and start-up companies have poured into this field.

According to the information, there are more than 1500 “smart lock” manufacturers in China in the 21st century. The technological innovation section has become the main battlefield of the “thousand lock war”.

Fierce competition has led to a wide range of products in the domestic market. Door locks are sold to hotels, apartments, ordinary families and company stores. The unlocking methods include fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, iris unlocking, induction magnetic card unlocking and finger vein unlocking.

System optimization and innovation is also an important means for manufacturers to improve product competition. How to improve the fluency of products and improve the linkage with other smart home products is the focus of these technology companies.

In addition, the appearance of intelligent door locks has also changed a lot. Many products with high appearance value have appeared in the market. Intelligent door locks with full screen, water drop screen, large color screen and face recognition panel are becoming more and more common.

Although the intelligent door lock related enterprises are talking about innovation, many innovation achievements are similar. The industry lacks products with customer viscosity and let consumers scream. Therefore, these innovations can not realize the spread of explosive products. Looking back, the “door lock hero saves the beauty” event can cause social repercussions, which is exactly the communication effect that the industry has been looking forward to.

The door lock with intelligent cat eye directly replaces the home interphone and security camera. When a stranger visits, the identity of the visitor can be confirmed in advance; if a suspicious person moves in front of the house, he will send an alarm message to the host’s mobile phone; by adding an anti coercion password and fingerprint, it can also distinguish the duress from the door and call the police in time. Through the smart cat eye, mobile phones can be used to talk to visitors visually. At the same time, the security outside the door is detected, and a hidden safety door is added to the door of the home.

In addition, adding smart cat’s eye lock can also play a role in caring for family members. When you are not at home, you can know whether your family is going out and when you are going home. Video intercom can shorten the distance between the two sides and increase the warm atmosphere of the family.

These technologies are not new. As early as 2015, the industry has launched a video network design integrating human body sensors, intelligent doorbells and smart cameras. But in recent years, with the development of technology application, intelligent door lock with cat’s eye function has begun to enter the public group. Including wanjia’an, Xiaomi, Samsung and other brands have launched smart door locks with cat’s eyes, and occupy the middle and high-end market.

Post time: Oct-28-2020