GD Door Lock-sets


GD offers a vast choice of door lock-sets all doors in your home. We have designed a comprehensive range of door handle-sets for your entrance doors, door lever-sets and knob-sets for your internal doors These door lock-sets are in exceptionally high quality, with variety of functions, dimensions, finishes and styles to suit most security and décor needs.

Door Handle-Sets

GD  Door Handle-sets - Masterpieces at the Front Doo Door Handle-sets satisfy all front entries needs, combining the ultimate in entrance door security with stylish design. 


Door Lever-Sets


GD door lever handle-sets offer both convenience and comfort when opening a door. Available in a set of two sided lever handles and a latch lock, Yale lever handle-sets are economical and easy to control.

Door Knob-sets

GD door knob-sets are designed in a variety of shapes to provide comfortable door opening solutions that fit your hands. These door knobs are ideal choice for economical users, offering a range types.



GD deadbolts are the ideal choice for complementary door security. These deadbolts are widely applied on front doors, with keyed knobs and lever handles, but can also be used in less security places.

Post time: Jun-03-2021