Lock enterprises need to understand the four major market trends

With the rapid development of pillar industries such as residence, automobile, medium and high grade office buildings and hotels, as well as the increasing demand for highly defensive locks in national defense, public security and financial systems, the prospect of high-grade locks is optimistic. According to experts, the consumer market for locks, such as biometric technology, electronic technology and other high-tech products, is still basically in a blank stage, but the demand of consumers in the market is growing every year.

Various lock making enterprises have developed IC card electronic lock, electronic password lock, encrypted magnetic card lock, building intercom anti-theft system, valve lock, and fingerprint lock. Because the high-end lock technology content is high, more prominent humanization, personalized characteristics, so the product profit is relatively high.

At present, there are four main trends in the hardware lock market.

First, the attention of culture and individual taste is integrated into the industrial modeling design. There are many kinds of lock hardware styles on the market. However, it is rare to bring all kinds of cultural connotations into it as design concepts from the beginning of design. Therefore, the trend is to carry out a new design on the function of lock body to meet the needs of families. Pay more attention to user experience and product humanization.

Second, the rise of intelligent hardware. At present, intelligent locks with high technology and technology, including password lock, IC card lock and fingerprint lock, adopt biometric technology fingerprint lock because of its unique convenience, and the gradual maturity of technology. Moreover, due to the unique characteristics of fingerprint, non duplication, easy to carry, do not forget and do not lose, it has a broader range Market prospects. Bangpai hardware door lock has never stopped research and innovation in this area.

Third, hardware lock enterprises pay more attention to the details of hardware products, improve the quality of products, and reflect the consumption taste and understanding of product connotation from the details. Is to pay attention to technology and quality certification, so that the product implementation standards and international standards. This is one of the consumers’ more attention.

Fourth, enterprises pay more attention to quality and brand. The connotation of a really good brand is the crystallization of quality, durability and sustainable development; quality is the life of an enterprise. And pay attention to product innovation and patent application, enhance the core competitiveness, and standardize the protection of intellectual property.

Enterprises need to understand the market in time. Today’s hardware lock enterprises should not only pay attention to quality and pursue innovation, but also pay attention to do a good job in marketing strategy, in order to remain invincible in the market. In order to do a good job in enterprise marketing, it is necessary to rack one’s brains and one’s mind to do well in enterprise’s marketing. To understand the market demand, marketing should have its own personality and create demand to attract consumers with its own characteristics; On the other hand, it is necessary to meet the needs of customers in an all-round way. That is to say, enterprises should develop natural, colorful and alternative products to break through the conventional marketing with striking force, excavate, guide, create and meet the market demand, which is in line with the personalized consumption trend of people seeking innovation, difference and change.

The enterprise must use the marketing ability which is opposite to the competition to guide the market and the consumer groups to grow in the direction beneficial to themselves, make the potential market become the real market, and gradually widen the distance with the competitors, so as to make itself more unique, and finally achieve the goal of opening up the market, occupying the market and owning the market. **It is the so-called “customer is God” to meet individual needs. Everything should start from the customer’s necessity, establish a good relationship with each customer and carry out differentiated service. After knowing the needs of customers, we can meet the personalized needs of consumers. In the natural marketing, consumers are completely self-centered when purchasing commodities. If the existing commodities can not meet the demand, they can put forward specific requirements to enterprises, and enterprises can customize the ideal products of consumers. With the king’s products, the market competitiveness of enterprises has been enhanced.

In the increasingly competitive market, whoever can meet the needs of customers will eventually win the market. Hardware lock enterprises can timely understand the changes in market demand and formulate the essential marketing strategy. As a result, the market competitiveness of the enterprise is improved, and the economic benefit of the enterprise will also rise, which will further promote the growth and expansion of the enterprise. The expansion of all these functions makes it an important part of the building. At the same time, it greatly improves the market competitiveness of the hardware lock. Whoever can grasp the market trend will be successful.

Post time: Jun-03-2019