New development of innovative marketing in China’s lock industry

Lock is a traditional industry in China’s hardware industry. Under the background of economic globalization, the lock industry strives to change its development ideas, meet the needs of domestic and foreign consumers at different levels, and realize the sound and rapid development of the lock industry.

But there are also some problems in door and window locks. China’s lock enterprises are small in scale, and there are not many leading lock enterprises, which can not promote the development of the lock industry.

China’s lock entry threshold is low, lock enterprises themselves lack of brand awareness, do not pay attention to the establishment of brands, some enterprises are just family workshops, capital, human resources, technology, management and other factors restrict their development, and lack of brand awareness.

Lock enterprises should strengthen brand building, enhance the competitiveness of lock enterprises, and standardize the lock market.

At present, about 88% of the lock products in the market come from Zhejiang Province. Among them, Yiwu local accounts for about 28%, and the proportion of manufacturers’ direct sales is as high as 70.5%. It mainly produces middle and low-grade lock products, and high-end products are scarce.

As the lock industry is a labor-intensive industry, the entry threshold is low, the degree of specialization is not high, and the competition is increasingly fierce.

Because of the low threshold, the market of lock products is lack of standardization. The homogenization of some products is serious. There are no characteristics of products. It is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

With the increase of raw material cost, some lock enterprises adopt price war, which increases the disordered competition in the lock Market and aggravates the development of lock industry.

According to the industry, during the “12th Five Year Plan” period, locks will be formed as soon as possible with leading enterprises as the core, establish a sound cooperation supporting system, and extend and improve the industrial chain.

In addition, the lock industry will take the brand as the link, innovate the marketing mode, play the role of the traditional tangible market, exclusive stores, franchise stores and various exhibition platforms; use modern network and information technology to vigorously develop the role of network sales and trading platform.

Post time: Jun-03-2019