3.0 intelligent door lock may become the main entrance of the whole house linkage

The industry generally believes that the representative of the first generation of intelligent locks is electronic locks. The earliest electronic locks can be traced back to the 1970s; the second generation of smart locks should be classified as fingerprint identification, Bluetooth links and other locks, which are now common products; the third generation of smart locks should be divided into locks with stronger linkage in the whole house, and its functional portrait is a multi-functional terminal.

On the basis of top technologies such as voice control, intelligent cat eye and iris unlocking, improving the scene linkage of products has become a major trend in the future development of intelligent door locks.

Many people have imagined the picture of the whole house linkage in their minds. After work, I drag my tired body home. When I open the door, the lights in the corridor will turn on automatically; the bath water in the bathroom will be put in automatically; the dinner has been served on the table; after eating and drinking enough, it is time to watch TV or exercise, and the system has prepared for you according to your preferences Such a beautiful picture is the portrayal of intelligent life.

Smart door lock is the entrance of home and smart life. You can enter your imaginary home when you enter your home. Smart door lock is the starting point of science and technology development.

In the era of smart door lock 3.0, while playing the role of security guard, smart door lock should also consider striving for more play in the whole ecological environment of intelligent life. If the relevant enterprises can get the agreement of other smart home products, break the information island between various products, and play the effect of multi-party linkage, they will take the initiative in the third generation of smart door lock war.

Post time: Oct-28-2020