Customized euro profile mortise door cylinder

Short Description:

  • Color : Satin Chrome
  • Finish Type : Satin Chrome
  • Handle Type : Lever

Product Detail

About This Item

GD 6-Pin SFIC Core Cylinder fits BEST , Falcon Style Locks, and others (see description)

Includes 2 operating Keys and 1 control Key. Keyed alike (when ordering multiple)

For Stanley Commercial Locks that use small format IC cores

Also Fits Kaba Simplex that have a "B" within the part number, Alarm Lock Trilogy that have IC

Please check below for fitment list. Fits Schlage Locks that have a "B" or "BD" within the part number, and many other brands

Product Description

SFIC Lock Cylinder and Keys for Best IC Locks. 6-pin , A Keyway. Includes 2 operating Keys and 1 Control Key. The control key is used for inserting or removing the cylinder core. Keyed alike (when ordering more than one) Applications: Best / Falcon / Stanley Locks ****Schlage AL Series Lever Locks - MUST HAVE "B" or "BD" in part number, example (AL53BD RHO 626)**** Schlage ND Series Lever Locks - part number example (ND53BD RHO 626)**** Schlage CO Series Electronic Locks - part number example (CO100CY70-KP-RHO-626-BD-RHR) AD Series Electronic Locks - part number example (AD100CY70 KP RHO 626-BD-RHR)**** Schlage Commercial Deadbolts - part number example (B660B 626) **** Other Schlage Locks with B or BD within the part number**** KABA Locks (must have B in the part number) Simplex 1000 Series Pushbutton Locks - part number example (LL1021B-26D-41)**** E-Plex 5000 Series Electronic Locks - part number example (E5831BWL62641)**** ALARM LOCK Trilogy Electronic Locks Part numbers DL2700IC US26D , DL2800IC US26D , DL3000IC US26D**** Falcon Locks (must have B or BD in the part number) T, K, X, B, or W Series - Part number example: (T581B-IC) Deadbolts D100, D200 Series - Part number example: (D241BD 626). APPLICATIONS: Kaba Simplex with “B”: LL1021B-26D-41 , LR1021B-26D41 , 1021B26D , LL1021B26D , LR1021B26D , L8146B26D , R8146B26D , LL1041B26D , LR1041B26D , 1041B26D , 1021B-26D-41 , 5021B-WL-26D , LR8148B26D , LL8148B26D , LLP1020B26D , LRP1020B26D **** APPLICATIONS Alarm Lock Trilogy T2 T3 with “IC” within part number: DL2700IC , DL2700WPIC , DL2800IC , DL3000IC , PDL3000IC , PDL6100IC , PDL3075IC , DL2875IC26D , DL2775IC ****. APPLICATIONS SCHLAGE Locks with “B” or BD” within the part number: ND50BD RHO 626 , ND53BD RHO 626 , ND60BD , ND66BD , ND70BD , ND72BD , ND73BD , ND75BD , ND80BD , ND82BD , ND85BD , ND91BD , ND92BD , ND93BD , ND94BD

Technical Details

Item Weight ‎0.96 ounces
Package Dimensions ‎2 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
Size ‎6pin
Color ‎Satin Chrome
Style ‎Best IC
Finish ‎Satin Chrome
Material ‎Brass
Pattern ‎Lock Cylinder
Shape ‎Figure 8
Installation Method ‎Control Key
Item Package Quantity ‎1
Number Of Pieces ‎1
Mounting Type ‎Install with Control Key
Special Features ‎Small Format IC Core , for use with Best Locks, some Kaba Simplex , Alarm Lock Trilogy
Included Components ‎Lock core, 2 operating keys, 1 control key
Batteries Included? ‎No
Batteries Required? ‎No

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